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What is Sangrita?

Sangrita is a non-alcoholic cocktail mixer that is often sipped along with tequila. Sangrita, not to be confused with sangria, and usually features a tangy blend of both tomato and orange juices with hot chilies and lime juice added to give it a bit of a kick.

Usually sangrita is enjoyed along with blanco tequila, it can be served with reposado tequila as well however. Both tequila and sangrita are served in separate shot glasses and are alternately sipped, not chased contrary to popular belief. One popular drink made with sangrita is called “The Mexican Flag”, this is where three separate double-sized shot glasses are filled with sangrita, lime juice and tequila, mimicing the colors of the Mexican flag.

Sangrita’s origin dates back to the 1920s in Mexico, it highlights the crisp acidity of tequila and also a way to cleanse ones palate between each sip of tequila. Sangrita started to gain recognition recently as it was virtually unknown outside Mexico before the late 1990s. What many believe to be authentic sangrita comes from the Lake Chapala region of Jalisco, Mexico. It is made with Seville oranges, pomegranate juices, lime, chili powder or hot sauce. Most modern sangritas (especially those made outside of Jalisco) include tomato juice, which is looked down upon among most sangrita purist.

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